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Car trouble is no doubt one of the most frustrating things for individuals and families in Colorado Springs. Most car repair experts, including our top-notch team here at Perkins Motors HIGHLY recommend you don’t wait for your car to break down to visit our auto repair shop, because then you will incur more expenses. Just like with a cold, when vehicles start showing symptoms it is smart to have these symptoms identified early so they can be dealt with before developing into more serious problems. Being aware of the many warning signs of your car breaking down can indeed save you a lot of time and costly repairs down the road. If you feel your car is having issues, we recommend you immediately call our service department at: (719) 249-0496 so our team can quickly schedule an appointment to fix your vehicle. In the meantime, below are some typical warning signs that indicated you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately.

  1. DING DING DING – Is your check engine light flashing?
    When your check engine light goes off, run; don’t walk to our service department at Perkins Motors. This is a clear sign that something is not right with one of the many systems your car’s computer is monitoring. If your check engine light is illuminated, normally there is no cause for alarm, but it is still a major sign that you should have your engine checked. As you know, if your engine fails, you are not only in some danger but it could lead to MAJOR repairs. The problem could be with your emissions system which may cause damage to the catalytic converter if you continue driving without doing the necessary repairs. Always remember that your car’s engine can be compared to the ‘human heart’ and if it fails you definitely won’t be driving it much longer.
  2. What is that smell coming from the car?
    No we aren’t talking about your child leaving a sandwich under the seat for months! We are talking about if you smell something burning or being overheated while driving. The problem could be the brakes, wheel bearings, transmission, engine belts and so on. That sickly-sweet smell could also indicate a leaking coolant. Simply get the car checked right away if you notice anything smelling “too hot.”
  3. Screeching sounds from your breaks? No good! Noisy breaks when you push the pedal means you must quickly ensure that the brake pads are thoroughly checked. With the snow and ice in Colorado Springs, it is key to make sure you can stop your car with ease, especially in a dangerous situation.
  4. Is your exhaust creating a lot of smoke??
    When there is a large cloud of smoke coming from your exhaust, it can mean many things including an oil leak which isn’t good for your engine at all. A lot of white smoke might appear when starting the car during the cold winter months but that shouldn’t trouble you especially here in the Springs where we have a fairly long cold season. However, when you are driving down I-25 and notice excessive smoke coming from the exhaust or notice a black residue at your car’s bumper area near the exhaust pipe, don’t waste time, take your car to the auto repair shop. Our experts will quickly diagnose the issue and will repair it and get you back on the roads safely.
  5. Is your vehicle trying to pull itself in a new direction when you are driving in a straight line?
    If you notice your car heading off to a new direction when you take your hands off the steering wheel (Just for a split second) or when tapping on the brakes, then there is definitely a growing problem. We hear this all too often, and in many cases our customers avoid coming right into the service department – which creates big problems. This ‘pulling to one direction’ is a clear indication that your car is experiencing alignment issues. This action by your vehicle could also be an indication of problems with the brakes on one of your wheels. Bring your car to our shop so our team can take a look. Taking care of this with a quick alignment could save you time, money and trouble down the road. Don’t hesitate with this.
  6. Does your vehicle leak fluids? If so, yikes!
    Have you recently parked your car and noticed a pool of fluid underneath it? Have you noticed a trail of liquid following you as you drive down Tejon Street? As soon as you notice any leaks from underneath your car on the ground, take your car to the mechanic. This is no time to try and determine yourself what kind of fluid it is. Come see us and we can diagnose the fluid, where it is coming from, if you should stop driving your car, and we can of course FIX IT for you.
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