2021 RAM Trim Levels

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TRX 2021, 2021 Ram 1500 TRX

The RAM truck offers you heavy-duty towing power and payload capacity on the Colorado roads. But what RAM also offers you is variety of different trim levels to choose from. Learn about the unique features of each of the different RAM pickup trim levels for 2021 with Perkins Motors, and then visit us in-person or online to explore our RAM inventory and find the perfect RAM truck configuration for you. Whether you choose the RAM 1500 Laramie, the RAM 1500 Big Horn, or something in between, you can’t go wrong.

Although we all love trucks; heavy duty, work, four- wheeling and road worthy, there will always be one that strikes your heart in a way to make it skip, rumble and beat.

Take a look at these trucks and envision yourself in one- hands on the wheel, wind in your hair and the sky is the limit. Whether you seek adventure, a long easy drive, or the truck to count on, there is the perfect vehicle for everyone.

2021 RAM 1500 TRX: $70,095 MSRP*

It’s no surprise that Ram Trucks have clinched the third MotorTrend Truck of the Year Award, with the launch of the TRX. This truck is the fastest production off-road truck in its class- well, ever- and has the features to empower it over any terrain. With a 6.2 L supercharged hemi engine, free flowing exhaust, 32 inches waterboarding depth and an astounding 702 horsepower, the TRX is unmatched. Ready to get one of your own? Since it’s a limited model, you may want to call now.

TRX 2021, 2021 Ram 1500 TRX

Photo: ram.com

2021 RAM 1500 Classic Warlock: $36,945 MSRP*

With an 8-speed automatic, HEMI 5.7L V8 and 4×4 with tow package, the Warlock stands for attention. Proven that it is strongly competitive in today’s market and one the of the most success trim levels in its class, the Classic Warlock also carries features that make it a luxury of its own. Keyless entry, remote start, parking assist and interior accents, the Warlock is road worthy with a hint of refinement- with the power to get the job done in the field.

Ram 1500 Classic, 2021 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock

Photo: Ram.com

2021 RAM 2500 Tradesman: $34,435 MSRP*

Looking for that truck to haul everything you can throw at it? The 2500 Tradesman will take care of you. With the top towing capacity exceeding 19,000 lbs, the Tradesman is considered the ‘no frills’ truck of its class. Drivers have described it as the quietest and one of the most comfortable trucks ever ridden. With a touch of interior features to make this sought after by passengers, the Tradesman has a bit of everything- power and panache.

ram interior, ram tradesman 2021

Photo: Wallace

2021 RAM Bighorn Mega Cab: $37,140 MSRP*

Coming in fourth in the line-up, the Bighorn Mega Cab is endless in choices and options for your smooth ride. With a variety in exterior colors and luxurious seating and features, the Bighorn will surprise you. Coming in with a 6-speed automatic, Cummins 6.7L Turbodiesel, tow package, remote start and parking assist, you may forget that you’re in a 10k towing capacity large truck. The quiet ride and soft air-suspension, the heated seats and large captain quarters makes the ride that much more comfortable.
ram trx in sutset, ram trx 2021
Photo: Ken Gariff

2021 RAM 2500 Ram Power Wagon: $53,935 MSRP*

The Power Wagon carries a long line of history. Originally manufactured in the 1940’s and primarily for military use, the updated Power Wagon on the road today comes with 8-speed automatic, 6.4L V8, Android and Apple Car play, sunroof, heated and power seats, tow package…and for the particular groups of riders, rain censored wipers. In addition to the luxuries, the Power Wagon is equipped with road-specific underpinnings not found on other Ram trucks. The Wagon boasts 33 inch DuraTrac tires to add a few more inches of ground clearance and sits on an all-black 17 inch wheels that claims to handle nearly 30 inches of water.

2021 Ram 2500 PowerWagon , 2021 Ram 2500

Photo: caranddriver.com

2021 RAM 3500 Laramie: $51,335 MSRP*

With many adaptive features, this truck offers one of the safest rides on the road- even with attached trailers. Equipped with class-exclusive adaptive forward lighting system, forward collision warning, active braking, automatic speed adjustment and blind spot monitoring, the 3500 Laramie allows you to navigate the road with the upmost safety and security.

Along with these features, a 6-speed automatic 6.7L I6, heated and power seats, sunroof and tow package, what more can you ask for?

2021 Ram Laramine towing trailer, black 2021 ram 3500

Photo: ramtrucks

So, when you’re shopping for a truck, make sure to ask yourself what this purchase is about. What are you looking for in a vehicle? What would you use it for? Would your family fit? Do you plan to stow sporting equipment inside or on top? Imagine yourself driving the vehicle every day- what does this look like?

Making an investment into a new ride is exactly what it is- an investment. Invest wisely. You’ll also want to check out how the RAM 1500 compares to the Ford F-150!

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