What Do The Lights On My Dashboard Mean?

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Dashboard and Console with Mountain view

Each light on your dashboard alerts you to a specific issue with your vehicle. It is important to know what the symbols stand for, so you can be sure your vehicle is operating safely on Castle Rock roads. Along with the check engine, battery charge, oil pressure warning, and tire pressure system lights, there a variety of other important dashboard warning lights, but many drivers are unsure of their meaning. Learn about what to expect if these lights become illuminated, and if you notice that they are, schedule an appointment at our service center.

Dashboard Lights & Their Meanings

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  • Washer Fluid Reminder: If this light is on, it is a quick fix. All it means is that the washer fluid is low and needs to be refilled.
  • Fog Lamp: This light notifies you that your brights are on.
  • Security Alert: If your ignition switch is locked, or a door is left ajar, this light will indicate either the tech malfunction or alert you of the open door.
  • Airbag Fault: Typically you will see this light once the car is started, and it indicates that there is a fault in the airbag system. If you see this light, you will need to bring your vehicle in for service to ensure your safety.


  • Service Vehicle: An electrical issue could cause this light to come on.
  • Coolant Temp Warning: If your coolant levels are not what they should be, your fan isn’t functioning as it should, or if there is a coolant leak, you may notice this light.
  • Reduced Power Warning: If you see this light, be sure to have your engine inspected as soon as possible. It could mean that one of its components is malfunctioning.
  • Cruise Control: If cruise control is engaged, this light will stay illuminated until you decide to turn off this feature.


  • Traction Control or ESP: When your vehicle’s electronic stability system is being utilized, you will notice that this light is illuminated.
  • Brake System: If this light is on, there are a few possible culprits – There is an issue with your brakes, the brake fluid is low, or there’s an ABS problem.

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